Quick Handrail Railing Kits

HRK-MID/8 - Mid Section Upright Assembly

  • Handrail / Railing system supplied in 'kit' form.
  • Supplied in 48.3mm O/D tube.
  • Reduced Installation Time subsequently reducing labour costs.
  • Alternative sizes / designs available as per customer specification. 



IPM Fittings stock a  Key Clamp Modular Pre-Assembled Handrail / Railing Kit System.  This system has significantly increased the speed of installation subsequently reducing the labour costs to our customers. 


The Key Clamp handrail kit has been specifically developed in order to supply an ‘off-the-shelf’ handrail system to our customers.  For more information regarding the construction of handrailing and guardrails, please contact us or email us by clicking the following link: sales@ipmfittings.co.uk.


Supplied in 48.3mm (Size 8), the system comprises of a Railing End (HRK-END/8), Railing Mid Section (HRK-MID/8) and 90deg Corner Section (HRK-90/8), Wall Termination (HRK-WT/8) and Twin, pre-cut at 1450mm, Galvanised Tubes (HRK-RAILS/8) to construct the top and mid rails. 


IPM Fittings are also happy to produce kits according to customers’ requirements, such as different heights / sizes, or alternative Key Clamp fittings to suit the desired installation. 


Grub Screw Tightened Recommended   39Nm
Height Centre Of Mid Rail   550mm
Height Centre Of Top Rail   1100mm
Material   Malleable Iron
Slip Load Rating   900kg
Tube Size OD   48.3mm
Type   Tube Type 3
Upright Centre Distance Maximum   1500mm

Technical Drawings

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